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Associations & Registries

The South Carolina Meat Goat Assn

Anyone interested in the "Sable" (colored Saanen) as a breed, please check out the International Sable Breeders Association Home page

Dairy Goat Breed Associations

The information listed below is from the insert
in the annual A.D.G.A membership directory:

International Nubian Breeders Association

You are invited to join the INBA and keep abreast of all the happenings in the Nubian goat world. We publish an annual membership directory so you can contact others who love Nubians, too. A 40+ page newsletter featuring Nubian goat stories, specialty shows, pictures of top bucks and does, and more is pubished for members quarterly. We recognize high production records, excellence in linear appraisal, the All-American program and give dam and sire awards.

I.N.B.A. Website
NubianTalk Website

Oberhasli Breeders of America

The Oberhasli Breeders of America is dedicated to the development, promotion, and advancement of the Oberhasli. The club is for the encouragement of closer fellowship among members through meetings, correspondence, and circulation of useful information, news, and ideas. Our awards programs include All-American, Specialty, and Swill-Belle Awards. The newsletter is published five times yearly.

Unofficial site but you can join OBA and get club news from this page!  

Alpines International

The Alpines International club is active in promoting the accomplishments of the Alpine breed in both the milking parlor and the show ring. We offer members an informative brochure, bimonthly newsletter, advertising and doe photos on the Alpine page in the Dairy Goat Journal, participation in the All-American program and Alpine Specialty shows, and publication of performance scores in the club newsletter.

Send your $10 membership dues to: Alpines International Alpines International Website

Find out who is who for Alpines! Visit their website for current membership info and programs.


National Saanen Breeders Association

When you belong to NSBA, you receive our award winning newsletter Saanen News Quarterly, can participate in the club's All-American and Production Awards programs, receive inside information on Saanens throughout the country, and have the opportunity to join in active promotion of the Saanen breed. We also hold Saanen Speialty shows across the nation.

Visit the NSBA Website to join!

Saanen News Quarterly
Editor: Sue Estrada

National Toggenburg Club

NTC promotes Toggenburgs through the All-American program (outstanding show stock), Production Awards: Bell Ringers (high milk and fat production), Show Reports (ADGA show wins), Linear Appraisal Reports (by herd), sponsorship of Specialty shows (reports and photos printed in Togg News) and through publication of an informative bimonthly newsletter. Members with outstanding show win animals, high linear appraisal scores and Production Testing records are recognized.


American La Mancha Club

Our goal is to promote the LaMancha dairy goat and assist all LaMancha dairy goat owners and breeders including commercial dairymen, cheese producers, exhibitors, and hobby enthusiasts. The ALC provides annual awards for production, the All-American program, and seeks to recognize the efforts of those who contribute to the breed. Our bimonthly newsletter (also provided on audio tape for the visually impaired) includes a special membership issue and annual buck catalog.

Visit the
American LaMancha Club

If you don't find it on this page, try 'Goat Clubs' or 'University Pages'



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