Two Head Goat Kid


Delivered 5-17-01 by emergency C-Section

Both heads perfectly formed and functional.... both breathing at birth...
Euthanized by vet shortly after removal from the uterus...
No other apparent deformities besides 2 heads fused together which
made it impossible for normal delivery. 8 lb. doe kid.

Ears in center partially fused

Head on right appears to have been the 'normal' head for this body... Head on left points to the side. Joined
from the base of skull to the throat area where both heads appear to share the same trachea and esophagus

Top view of heads... shows second head growing to the side of straight forward head.

Full picture of doe kid with extra head.

Picture of the sister SURVIVOR

A lot of people are wondering the same thing... why didn't we keep her alive??

I think when something like this happens, it's an accident of nature and as stewards of our animals, it's our responsibility to humanely put them to sleep and send them to goatie heaven to be fixed... I thought about it pretty hard on the drive to the vet and that's a half hour drive... what would I do if it was born alive?? Then I remembered how people sometimes capitolize on these accidents of nature and how it made me feel to see a two headed calf on the news... it's not humane to make them live that way for our own selfish reasons... That little baby girl/girls needed to go to goatie heaven... It wasn't done without compassion or a goodbye...

The questions like 'Why didn't you keep her and sell her for big bucks to a freak show??' Those bothered me...