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Goats..... Yes, this site is about goats! Dairy goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Pygmy goats, other miniature goats, Boer goats, other Meat Goats, Kinder goats, Fainting goats, Spanish goats, Cashmere goats, Angora goats.... and the list goes on. Just about any goat you can imagine! We have goat classified advertising, buck goat information for breeding or semen (artificial insemination), goat show information, & livestock guardian dog information and links. We also have links to many goat related sites on the internet! If you have a home page for your herd, be sure to send us the information from the "Breeder's Home Pages" link! We will be happy to add yours if it is about goats or livestock guardian dogs!

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Our Mission?? To promote these wonderful animals and educate the world about their usefulness and gentle natures! We hope your journey through our pages will be loads of fun as well as educational!

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